Servicecontract.com is the Smartest & Simplest Way to Add a New Revenue Stream

If you’re like most dealers, even if you have the best F&I team in the world you’re still not closing every F&I sales opportunity.


Servicecontract.com is designed to help dealers remarket to customers who did not buy a service contract at the point of sale.


Why? Because this is a product that makes real sense for these customers.


The best part is you can benefit your customers and create this additional revenue stream with minimal effort on your part. All you have to do is sign up — we do the rest.

What You Need to Know About the
Direct-to-Consumer VSC Sales Channel

As factory warranties expire, the pipeline of vehicles eligible for post-sale VSCs is continually replenished. In fact, the post-sale opportunity already outpaces the new and used vehicle sales channels.


This channel is serviced by a direct-to-consumer model — through third-party organizations that spend millions to target dealership customers who haven’t purchased VSCs. They are buying data (including vehicle registration data) to market to your customers.


Some manufacturers have also started soliciting customers directly. Isn’t it time to capture these opportunities yourself?

Why is servicecontract.com is such a valuable opportunity for dealers?

The total Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) market represents a $35 billion opportunity — and it is steadily growing.


It helps to understand the full picture of how VSCs are sold. The primary sales channels are:

  • New Car Dealers
  • Used Car Dealers (Franchise)
  • Used Car Dealers (Independent)
  • Aftermarket Sales

Of these four, the post-sale channel is currently the smallest, yet it represents $2.4 billion in sales.

Capitalize on Sales You Didn't Make

No VSC at Vehicle Purchase

Wish your BDC could follow up with customers who are now valuable leads? Stop wishing and let us do it for you, with no added burden to your service writers!


Servicecontract.com helps you market directly to customers who didn’t purchase a VSC at point of sale.

Expiring Manufacturer's Warranty

Customers whose factory warranty is projected to expire due to time or mileage limits are prime prospects for a post-sale VSC.


Servicecontract.com helps you market directly to these customers within the perfect window of opportunity!


Nobody likes to spend money, especially on vehicle repairs. That’s why people who have spent a significant amount on service are likely to see value in a post-sale VSC to avoid future unplanned expenses.


Servicecontract.com helps you sell to these customers when the timing is just right.

How We Do It

Data + Targeted Communication =  Success!

Everything starts with your DMS. Your customer data offers a complete picture of likely prospects for VSC coverage.



Once we’ve integrated with your DMS, our proprietary technology reviews that data and guides our ability to craft automated marketing campaigns built around targeted lists of prospects. All your leads are managed in a secure CRM platform that is easy to use and generate reports from at any time.

Seamless Branding — YOUR Branding — at Every Consumer Touchpoint

Personalized Website

Rest assured that every customer touchpoint will appear to come from your dealership, starting with the customer portal. 


The secure website, where customers can sign up, make payments or claims, and administer their VSC, will be private-labeled with your dealership name and logo.

White-Labeled Marketing Materials

All communications sent on your behalf will prominently feature your branding.


Even our telemarketing scripts are tailored to ensure the appearance to customers that we are calling from your service contact department. Because, after all, we are.

Our Sales & Call Center

Our call center is staffed by highly trained industry specialists who make daily outbound calls to prospects generated by your DMS data. These outbound calls are made on behalf of, and under the branding of, your dealership.

Representatives assigned to your dealership become deeply familiar with your brand and remain with you for the life of the relationship. This lets you and your customers enjoy a degree of continuity that builds confidence.

What’s more, all in-bound or returned calls are routed via a dealership-branded automated attendant, which allows servicecontract.com to act seamlessly and effectively as your virtual service contract department.

Why Customers Will Say "Yes"

When it comes to VSCs, an initial “no” in the F&I office is really more of a “not right now.” For virtually every vehicle owner, a VSC makes a lot of sense because it limits exposure to unplanned expenses.


Our targeting strategies select only the most likely prospects rather than taking a blanket approach. Therefore, our closing rates are higher.


We’ve Built a VSC That’s Easier to Say “YES” To


In addition to selling to the right people at the right time, we’ve also developed the right product.

Unique Benefits of Our VSC
Branded Website Customers Will Love

Our easy-to-use consumer portal is intuitive and helps prospects understand all their coverage options. It’s supported by a state-of-the-art rating engine, so all parties can be confident our VSCs are fairly priced.


Most importantly, the consumer-facing website we create for your dealership will feature your own branding.

Choose From Two Dealer Participation Models

Get started with no out-of-pocket costs — or opt for a piece of the profits.

Servicecontract.com is an experienced post-sale VSC partner that works with dealers to market and remarket to leads sourced from the dealer’s DMS. Through our data mining technology, we’re able to determine the segment of your customer base most in need of a VSC. 


Even better, servicecontract.com offers participation options on these sales.

Option 1:
Zero Upfront Costs
Zero Monthly Costs

Under this Guaranteed Commission Option, you receive a percentage of every contract sold each month. 


The best part of this option is the residual revenue stream it generates. Each month, you’ll not only get paid for new VSC contracts signed but also for all previously sold VSC contracts on which payment was made. 


The revenue opportunity, in monthly commission and cumulative annual earnings, is truly remarkable!

Option 2:
50/50 Profit Share

With this option, there is an initial set-up fee and a minimal monthly technology fee.


In return, dealers receive 50% of the net underwriting profits!

This creates an ongoing revenue stream generated with very little lift on your part.


Taking advantage of this participation option offers a way to boost control over a revenue center already inside your dealership that is not being leveraged to its full potential.

The STACKS Program

Yet another reason your customers will find our VSCs more appealing than other programs.

One of the biggest reservations customers have about buying any type of VSC is the fear that they’ll never have a claim — and, therefore, will never realize any financial benefit from the money they pay for coverage.

Servicecontract.com has come up with a way to address this concern. We call it our “Stacks” program.

Here’s how “Stacks” works: For a nominal additional monthly charge, the contract holder is eligible for the return of a portion of the unused premium paid. In short, they get their money back!

Option 1:
The "HALF STACKS" Program

For a low monthly fee, the contract holder can receive up to 50% of the unused premium paid in.

Option 2:
The "BIG STACKS" Program

For a slightly higher monthly charge, the contract holder can receive up to 100% of the unused premium paid in.

Some terms and conditions apply. Please contact us to learn complete details.

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