is the Smartest & Simplest Way to Add a New Revenue Stream

Your F&I team does an outstanding job. Even with their skills and best efforts, it is simply not possible to close every F&I sales opportunity. is designed to help dealers remarket to customers who did not buy a service contract at the point of sale. Our program creates opportunity for you, for your customers, and for your service center.

The best part: You can create this additional revenue stream with minimal effort. Once the onboarding process and integration are complete, we handle the marketing and administration under the private label of your quality brand.

What You Need to Know About
Direct-to-Consumer VSC Sales

Why is such a valuable opportunity for dealers?

The total vehicle service contract (VSC) market represents a $35 billion opportunity — and it is steadily growing.

The post-sale channel represents at least $2.4 billion of those sales. As factory warranties expire, the pipeline of vehicles eligible for post-sale VSCs is continually replenished.

This channel is serviced by a direct-to-consumer model.

Third-party organizations spend millions to target dealership customers who have not purchased VSCs. They are buying vehicle registration data and other information to market to your customers. Some manufacturers have also started soliciting consumers directly.


Isn’t it time to capture these opportunities for your dealership?


Your customers, with whom you have already established trust and built a relationship, are the perfect audience for your message. helps you reach them efficiently and effectively.

Capitalize on Sales You Didn't Make

No VSC at Vehicle Purchase

Wish your BDC could follow up with customers who are now valuable leads? Stop wishing and let us do it for you, with no added burden to your personnel! helps you market directly to customers who didn’t purchase a VSC at point of sale.

Expiring Manufacturer's Warranty

Customers whose factory warranty is projected to expire due to age or mileage limits are prime prospects for a post-sale VSC. helps you market directly to these customers within the perfect window of opportunity!


Nobody likes to spend money on vehicle repairs. That’s why people who have spent a significant amount on service are likely to see value in a post-sale VSC to avoid future unplanned expenses. helps you sell to these customers at just the right moment.

How We Do It

Data + Targeted Communication = Success!

Everything starts with your DMS. Your customer data offers a complete picture of likely prospects for VSC coverage.

Once we’ve integrated with your DMS, our proprietary technology reviews the data and guides our ability to craft automated marketing campaigns built around targeted lists of prospects. All your leads are managed in our secure CRM platform.

Seamless Branding & Highly Trained Sales Team for Superior Customer Experience

Your Professionally Branded Website

Every customer touchpoint will appear to come from your dealership, starting with a secure website where customers can sign up, make payments or claims, and administer their VSC. This site is private-labeled with your dealership name and logo.

White-Labeled Marketing Materials

All communications sent on your behalf will prominently feature your branding. Our marketing scripts are tailored to ensure the appearance to customers that we are reaching out directly from your service contract department.

Our Inside Sales Team

Our team is staffed with highly trained industry specialists who make daily outbound calls to prospects gathered from your DMS data. All in-bound or returned calls are routed via a dealership-branded automated attendant, which allows to act seamlessly and effectively as your virtual service contract department.

What We Offer Your Customers

Styled as a monthly subscription plan instead of a long-term contract, just like a streaming channel or fitness membership, coverage options are very affordable and are easy to change or discontinue as needed. works to ensure your customers receive the best available coverage options at the absolute lowest prices. All our contracts cover parts and labor for the coverage level selected, and are honored at any licensed repair facility. Additionally, we pay the facility directly for their services, meaning contract holders do not have to wait for any reimbursements!

Unique Benefits of Our VSC
Lease Care Ultimate Service Contract

Extras Included with Coverage

Additional reasons your customers will find our VSCs more appealing than other programs

Unlike other offerings, our VSC subscriptions are packed with extra perks, including:

  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • Rental reimbursement
  • The Stacks Reward Plan, a unique plan included with the monthly contract that makes a VSC purchase virtually risk-free
  • Complimentary family coverage ID Theft Protection, a comprehensive suite of high-value protective services and benefits that includes best-in-class fraud prevention and remediation services paired with 24/7 customer service

Some terms and conditions apply. Please contact us to learn complete details.

The STACKS Reward Plan

One of the biggest reservations customers have about buying a VSC is that they’ll never have a claim and, therefore, will never realize any financial benefit from the money they pay for coverage. The Stacks Reward Plan is the answer to that concern.


Stacks is a unique reward plan that is included with every monthly contract, making a VSC purchase virtually risk-free.


If the customer has no need to make a claim during the term of the service contract, they will be eligible for reimbursement of their total monthly service contract payments at the end of the participation term, minus certain fees.

Some terms and conditions apply. Please contact us to learn complete details.

Choose From Two Dealer Participation Models

Guaranteed Commission Option (GCO)

No upfront or monthly costs

$15/contract & $10/class 1 contract

  • Receive a percentage of every contract sold each month
  • Create a residual revenue stream
  • Get paid monthly for all new and previously sold VSC contracts on which a payment was made


50/50 Profit Share

$999 upfront fee


  • Dealer must sell for two years to earn their first payout
  • Only active contracts will qualify
  • Profit share is paid on underwriting profits, net of claims and cancellations


Subject to terms & conditions of Profit Share Agreement

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