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Finding the right coverage has never been easier!…

We only offer month-to-month subscription-payment based contracts, so you’re never obligated to stay with us. Just select your coverage level, deductible, and continue driving worry-free!

With deductibles ranging…

With deductibles ranging from $0 to $250, coverage levels ranging from Powertrain to Comprehensive, and the addition of the Stacks Plan, you are in complete control of customizing your plan. What’s best for you is best for us. It’s that easy.

How the Process Works

Our customized process allows you to buy coverage specifically for your needs and driving habits.


Vehicle Info

Providing your vehicle’s year, make, model, and mileage helps us narrow down your options.


Your Info

Providing us your email and phone number (optional) allows you to save your quote and come back later.


Customize Your Plan

We help you customize the plan to best fit your needs, driving habits, and budget.


Create Account

Creating an account gives you the option to save multiple quotes and then buy your plan.


Payment Info

Simply provide your payment information and select the terms that best fit your needs.



Confirm your information and make sure you’ve selected the right plan. We’ll do the rest!

Claims Stats

*Subject to terms and conditions, including exclusions, of the Vehicle Service Contract. Estimated repair costs are for illustrative purposes only and are based on industry averages. Actual repair costs will depend on the vehicle make and model, type of breakdown, and other particular circumstances. Terms, conditions and coverages are subject to change at any time. Not all coverages are available in all areas and coverage may vary by state. Purchase of coverages is optional and is not required to obtain financing.

A Better Choice

Take advantage of these exclusive benefits from servicecontract.com.

Our team is there for you during any breakdown. They take on the dirty work so that you can stay clean!


Choose your repair shop. If you don’t know one, call us, we’ll help!


Roadside assistance is provided just in case you get stuck on the side of the road.


Unlike others, all of our coverages are offered on a monthly basis, so you’re not locked in! You can also modify your coverage whenever you want.


You choose the deductible that best fits your budget.


If your car is stuck in the shop, we’ll take care of the rental car.#1

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How servicecontract.com claims are different

Most service contract companies make money by managing claims expenses. Not us. If you choose the Stacks plan, we put money back in your pocket.#2

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