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  • Vehicle Service Contract

    Vehicle Service Contract

    VSC will work to protect your consumers from the unexpected. 

  • Guaranteed Asset Protection

    Guaranteed Asset Protection

    SC provides GAP plans to help your customers pay off their loss’s outstanding balance on their vehicle.

  • Tire & Wheel Service Contract

    Tire & Wheel Service Contract

    SC’s Tire & Wheel Service Contract will provide help drivers cover repairs for wheels & tires.

  • Certified Warranty

    Certified Warranty

    In some cases, your customers may only need coverage for a specific time duration on a pre-owned vehicle. That’s where SC’s Limited Warranty comes in. Customizable plans for customizable timeframe can be offered.

  • Adventure Guard

    Adventure Guard

    Protection is obviously needed for standard vehicles, but what if you sell motorcycles (on or off-road), ATVs, and light marine sports vehicles? AdventureGuard offers the same great coverage packages and benefits for automotive drivers but for more “adventurous” drivers.

  • Truck Guard

    Truck Guard

    SC understands commercial truck drivers are the backbone of our country. Thats why they deserve the best protection.